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from Santa Monica, California

HBO Max – The Flight Attendant

for HBO Max

Pia Chaozon Barlow, SVP, HBO Max Originals Marketing – HBO Max

JP Mallo, VP, HBO Max Originals Marketing – HBO Max

Andrew Meengern, Integrated Strategy Director, 

HBO Max Originals Marketing – HBO Max

Ruhee Patel, Integrated Strategy Coordinator, 

HBO Max Originals Marketing – HBO Max

Dustin Callif, President / Executive Producer – Tool of NA

Hal Kirkland, Creative Director + Writer + Concept – Tool of NA

Taylor Bro, Producer – Tool of NA

Juan Ramon, Technologist – Tool of NA

Jason Kirtley, Designer – Tool of NA

Tyler Bell, Writer – Tool of NA

Alexandra Del Hoyo, Director of Influencer Partnerships – Tool of NA

Syahirah Mansor, Coordinator – Tool of NA

Powell Robinson, Director of Photography – Tool of NA

Johny Long, Production Designer – Tool of NA

Kai Lusk, Production Manager – Tool of NA

video courtesy of Tool for HBO Max